Wolfram Huschke

"If the soul had strings, they would be the strings of a violoncello."

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Wolfram Huschke, - a wanderer between worlds, uses his cello as a medium to interpret life. Huschke plays himself unflinchingly...

... into the hearts of his audience

The cellist is an entertainer and master of the art of living who barely cares about himself being put into a certain pigeonhole of music. He wanders between the lines of music history and provides an evening of a class of its own with a high entertainment value;

A bath of sound...
... a festival of tones. -

In that manner, Huschke is picking, babbling, stroking and singing virtuously as well as sensitively through life without prejudices.
A traditional cello evening, -?
Far from it! When Huschke gathers momentum on his electric-cello

.... “What a delight” ... not “Don’t you dare”.

because now the last one in the audience did forget that they’re sitting in a cello-concert...

Huschke was rocking in the year 95 through all the big German stadiums as support act of the Westernhagen „Affentour“ and became known for millions of spectators.

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